PASSION – The Official Digital Monthly Publication of the America’s Healthiest Clubs, recognizes game-changers, innovators and leaders that are shaping the future of the club industry. We recognize passionate people for advancing Wellness principles to members, staff and the community with their story. PASSION provides “news you can use”.


In today’s world where everyone wants to be noticed and recognized for their work – employees are motivated to achieve and to remain relevant.   As such, employees are in search of new ways to learn, improve their skills and invest in themselves.  PASSION provides an opportunity for leaders to get involved and understand how to build the depth and breadth of their employee’s skill sets and aptitudes.  For example, find ways to elevate your employees’ high-potential status and recognize them for their contributions.


Helping employees increase their relevancy is important and those leaders that participate in this process will help cultivate increased performance levels and loyalty.  Helping your employees get discovered will elevate their motivation to achieve.


PASSION is a monthly newsletter publication that examines the human side of the health and wellness where passionate team members have instilled the love of health & wellness to the next generation. This series is not just about the achievements of the nominees, rather, we present the human-interest story, which, after all, is about interesting humans.



This is wonderful news and we are honored by this award promoting health and golf.  We are proud to steward such an important role for our members wellness. It is our commitment to insure that we continue programs for their enjoyment and wellness lifestyle. Craig Martin, St. Andrews CC


Rick, thank you for all that you do with the Wellness Project and getting Clubs involved. It is your dedication and passion that is helping to make a difference in Clubs and health all over the country. Carmen Mauceri Club at Mediterra.



PASSION Awards will feature any team-member that has demonstrated a passion for wellness where their efforts have made an impact on a fellow team-member, a club member or the community.


There are 17 PASSION Awards ranging from most accommodating to best attitude to most persuasive etc. The Impact award will be determined once the Nominee has completed a ten minute questionnaire.


Year-end winners in each of the 17 Impact categories will be determined by two factors; 1) Clicks and 2) Industry votes.



Nominees are selected from a pool of other passionate people that work in the kitchen, the fitness/spa/wellness facility, greens & grounds, golf, tennis, aquatics, membership, marketing, communications, IT or HR.


Our goal is to share your story with other clubs and vice versa to help the industry improve recruitment, retention, usage and the member experience. Monthly category winners and their stories will be featured in the monthly interactive digital PASSION Publication to be distributed to members of the America’s Healthiest Club Network.


Each category is weighted, scored, calculated and compared to other nominees to determine the monthly winner. In the event of a tie, America’s Healthiest Clubs will review the narrative and select the monthly winner. Nominees remain active in the database for a period of 12 months. Winners are selected from the current database.


Nominees are selected by the executive committee of America’s Healthiest Clubs. A quantitative score is calculated based on four areas.


The Nomination Process

  1. Club submits Nomination(s) and appropriate fees.
  2. Nominations are valid for 12 months and applicants are kept on file and compared to the current pool of entries.
  3. Nominee completes a 10-minute questionnaire
  4. America’s Healthiest Clubs evaluates quantitative score and compares to other nominations in the pool
  5. Five criteria from which we evaluate and select PASSION nominees to determine the monthly winners;
      1. Member Experience
      2. Collaboration
      3. Continuity
      4. Creativity
      5. Return on Investment

Publication Process

  1. Monthly PASSION winner submits a 2-3 minute video, images, photos and a narrative up to 300 words
  2. PASSION winner submits a headshot and bio/resume
  3. Deadline for content submission. 15th of each month
  4. Monthly publication electronically delivered by the last day of the month
  5. Multiple entries per club are encouraged
  6. Winners are featured in the PASSION publication, announced on AHC web site, AHC Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, AHC LinkedIn Group, via email campaign and in a monthly press release.


  1. Nominate Your Staff