America’s Healthiest Club Certification Process


Being recognized as one of America’s Healthiest Clubs is a distinction that is awarded to a small percentage of private clubs. The distinction of being labeled as a “Certified Member” has helped clubs define or refine their wellness strategy and brand, assisted in attracting new members, improved member usage and spend, reduced attrition and has helped clubs to attract and retain heath conscious associates, lower health care costs and improve the overall health benefits. Click here for a list of Certified Members.


Once approved, the club can proudly display the America’s Healthiest Club logo on your marketing collateral material, menus, website, social media sites, email signature files and so forth. For more information about the certification process, please download the brochure.


The process begins with a half-day onsite interview with key department heads followed by a detail analysis of menus, activities, programming, employee benefits programs, engagement tools and reporting metrics. Our health auditors gather information during the interview process using a list of pre-defined quantitative questions. In addition, the health auditor will dialog with the department head on what’s working, areas that need improvement and recommend best-practices.


The assessment process begins with a thorough review of your current wellness offerings (menus, fitness calendar, benefits package), followed by onsite interviews (and detailed survey) with key department heads and a tour of your facility. We interview the general manager, chef, clubhouse manager (F&B), human resources, fitness director and wellness managers, communications, marketing and membership and of course golf and tennis pros. Optional interviews to be conducted with board and committee members. The onsite interviews will take four to six hours. Responses will be calculated and used to calculate the overall Health Score. We interview the following executives and key department heads:


  • General Manager
  • Chef & Food & Beverage
  • Fitness Director
  • Human Resources
  • Membership & Marketing
  • Wellness Manager
  • Golf & Tennis

In addition to the onsite visit, the club receives a “Health Report” which is both personalized and prescriptive, meaning it offers suggestions to help lower health care costs, improve productivity, increase revenues, member participation and ways to improve recruitment efforts for both members and staff.  The Health Report is delivered to the club within 30 days of an onsite visit and review of club created content; e.g., menus, membership marketing material, activities, fitness calendars and benefits package. The Health Report scores each departmental across three drivers (Vision, Alignment and Execution) with a percentage from 1 to 100%.


4 simple steps

  1. Schedule you’re onsite visit here by phone 888-321-1804 or by email
  2. Prepare your Club Packet, which is described below.
  3. Provide tour and schedule onsite interviews with department heads.
  4. Health Report© and Health Score will be delivered within 30 days of onsite appraisal

Club Packet to be sent directly to Prevo Health Solutions or picked up on site and should include:

  • Copies of all menus
  • Fitness & Activities Calendars
  • Employee Benefits Package
  • Membership marketing packet
  • Collateral material which includes Newsletters, Member Magazines, Member Emails, Calendars, Lecture Series, Events, Activities, Challenges, Workshops and so forth
  • Temporary access to member website


Click here to download America’s Healthiest Club Overview.


Click here to view a list of certified America’s Healthiest Clubs.


Click here to download the Trophies, Plaques and Lapel Pins catalog.