America’s Greenest Clubs – Award Program

To understand the benefits of a being recognized as one of America’s Greenest Clubs, one must have an appreciation for, “doing the right thing” and being a good neighbor. And when a company makes a concerted effort to reduce its negative environmental impact good things happen!According to the 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study: How to build deeper bonds, amplify your message and expand the consumer base;


  • • 78% of Americans believe companies must do more than just make money; they must positively impact society as well.
  • • 77% feel a stronger emotional connection to Purpose-Driven companies over traditional companies
  • • 66% would switch from a product they typically buy, to a new product from a Purpose-driven company
  • • 68% are more willing to share content with their social networks over that of traditional companies


The above research clearly demonstrates people (members and staff) would rather belong to, or work for, a purpose-driven club, especially one that is mindful of the environment. Being perceived as “green” is an intangible that is important for many and should be part of every recruitment and retention strategy for both members and staff.

It’s not just about receiving the award, but the introspection that comes throughout the recognition process. Dan Miles, GM/CCO Bonita Bay explains, “Being the first private club to be recognized as one of America’s Healthiest Clubs has encouraged us to add flavor and vision to our board of directors approved strategic plan”.

Private clubs that understand the importance of building strong emotional connections with current members and staff that go beyond a transactional relationship increase the likelihood of being sustainable.

Participation in the America’s Greenest Clubs Award Program includes:

Prevo Health Solutions, in conjunction with our closest advisors and industry experts, have developed and defined the green standards of sustainability from which a proprietary algorithm and scoring system is used to qualify a private club to become one of America’s Greenest Clubs. All qualified clubs must meet the minimum score of 75% or better. The process is as follows:


1. Online Survey. Prior to the Onsite Audit, a representative from America’s Greenest Clubs will send a survey link to each of the key department heads. The Online Survey results are scored and make up 80% of the overall Green Score. Survey questions are either yes/no or multiple choice questions. Points are earned across multiple categories, each of which are ranked according to importance.


2. Onsite Audit and Interview with key department heads. This 4-6 hour face-to-face interaction with key department heads and leadership is intended to validate the Online Survey responses and more importantly review specific qualitative eco-friendly programs and processes. The Onsite Audit evaluates the staff, the vision and the programs, all of which are factored in to the overall score. This portion of the qualifying process is very important as it stimulates a creative collaboration that inspires new ideas and generates enthusiasm.


3. Green Report™. Within 30 days of completing the final interview, the club will receive a comprehensive Green Report™ that features national and industry trends, summarizes the club audit observations and provides best-practices and suggestions. The Green Report™ is organized by department and focuses on three drivers: Vision, Alignment and Execution.


4. Delivery Matrix™. This customized excel worksheet summarizes the top 25 action items, as identified in the Green Report. The Delivery Matrix prioritizes the recommendations, provides a way to get input from key department heads and provides a prioritized action plan that includes timelines, durations and resources needed to complete the action items. The Delivery Matrix is an action plan that is used to measure progress, keep the staff accountable and justify bonuses and compensation.


5. Certificate of Recognition Plaque. Upon receiving the Award, the club will receive a wall hanging plaque that recognizes the club for meeting the minimum standards as defined by Prevo Health Solutions. The plaque will be engraved with the Clubs Name and Initial Qualifying Date along with a Certificate and Seal of Approval that is replaced each year the club qualifies.


6. Reputation Management Report. Within 30 days of the completion of the Green Report™, Prevo will host a web conference call to review the Reputation Management Report. This 3-year look-back report that lists every media mention of the club, links to the source and a calculated Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE).


7. News Release. Prevo Health will send a club approved News Release to your local media and social media writers, publishers and bloggers announcing the award. The News Release serves two functions, the first of which may generate an immediate story and the second of which acquaints the media with the club for future articles and interviews. The News Release helps promote the brand and the goodwill as part of the overall Reputation Management.


8. America’s Greenest Club logo and brand. The America’s Greenest Clubs official seal, logo and service marks are provided in multiple digital formats. The logo should be prominently displayed on marketing and promotional material, websites, business cards, email signatures and so forth.


9. Membership Letter. Current Members love to tell their friends how great their club is. To make it easy, Prevo Health issues a one-page signed letter that acknowledges the leadership and recognizes the club. The letter can be inserted in the Monthly Newsletter, as an email attachment or as part of the Membership Packet.

America’s Greenest Clubs Award Program Process:

  1. 1. Preliminary Discovery Call. A representative from Prevo will conduct a brief telephone call with a designated club representative prior to scheduling the Onsite Audit. This preliminary discovery call is intended to pre-qualify the club to see if the club has implemented the “basics” as a way of minimizing the risk of not qualifying.
  2. 2. Online survey and checklist. Selected Department Heads will be sent a link to complete an online survey. The survey includes yes/no and multiple-choice questions. All of which receive weighted points that are used to calculate the Green Score™.
  3. 3. Onsite Audit. The Onsite Auditor will meet with the General Manager and key department heads for 60 minutes each. Department Heads include Facilities, Golf Course Superintendent, F&B and Housekeeping. The Onsite Audit helps the Auditor to better qualify the numeric results from the Online Survey and most importantly provides a forum that encourages collaboration and creativity. Most department heads walk away with new ideas, best-practices and inspiration during this all-important step.
  4. 4. Green Report™ and Delivery Matrix. All approved clubs that have met the minimum requirements and achieved a score of 75% or better will receive a Green Report™ and accompanying Delivery Matrix within 30 days of completing the final interview. A one-hour web call will be scheduled with club representatives to review the Green Report™ and Delivery Matrix. Final report and associated Delivery Matrix and other material will be to be emailed at the conclusion of the call.
  5. 5. Plaques and Trophies. Qualified Clubs will receive a wall-hanging plaque which should be displayed in prime viewing areas for members and guests to see.
  6. 6. Promoting the Award. Prevo will send an approved new release to your local media companies within 30 days of the Award date.
  7. 7. Internal Marketing. Club to include logo and service marks on marketing and communication material as described above.


About Prevo Health Solutions:

Since 2013, Prevo Health has interviewed thousands of club managers and department heads, conducted over 250 site visits nationwide and have consulted with some of the finest clubs in the country. We have certified nearly 100 private clubs as America’s Healthiest Clubs, spearheaded the Wellness Project™, recognized hundreds of club staff members with a PASSION Award and is the producer of the Seven Mindful-Living Habits of a Sustainable Club™ Program.

We are a purpose-driven company focused on delivering real solutions to real problems facing the private club industry.

Our mission: To help clubs become more sustainable by being mindful of the seven core constituencies and provide real-world solutions that address the interests of the Primary Stakeholders, Staff, Members, Community, Brand, Assets and most importantly the Clubs’ Culture.

Through our relentless pursuit to solve private club’s most pressing problems, remove pains that hinder progress and dramatically improve existing processes, Prevo Health has helped hundreds of private clubs focus on aligning the team to execute the board/owner approved strategic plan and vision.
We have mapped the most pressing issues that club managers face against the seven core constituencies, applied the human thinking and behavior patterns to a curriculum and placed on a platform to provide accountability and measurement.

Prevo has been setting the Standards for health, wellness and sustainability since 2013 and we continue to expand our products and services that address Recruitment, Retention and the Member Experience.


Getting Started

Participation in the complete America’s Greenest Clubs Award Program is $2,995. Annual renewal is $2,495 and includes the deliverables mentioned above. Payable on arrival.
We look forward to meeting you and your team.




Rick Ladendorf
President & Founder