Prevo Health Solutions has been serving the private club industry since January 2013. Our health, fitness, nutrition and wellness products, services and solutions have helped private clubs define their vision, align their team and execute the clubs vision. As a service provider and industry consultant, we assist club managers secure member approval for fitness and wellness capital projects, provide strategic planning and guidance, develop member & workplace wellness programs, offer wellness engagement mobile apps and certify private clubs to be part of the America’s Healthiest Club Network.


We recognize game-changers, innovators and passionate department heads every month in the Official Publication of the America’s Healthiest Clubs, PASSION. Monthly category winners are featured in PASSION where we showcase best-practices and the winner using video, weblinks and images to tell the story.  


Our team of subject matter experts have created, implemented and managed programming, events, activities, workshops and communications that cater specifically to the myriad of populations within the club. We have assembled over 350 best-practices, case-studies and white-papers which are available exclusively to members of the America’s Healthiest Club Network and we understand what it takes to inspire members and staff to engage.


Collectively, our team has visited hundreds of clubs, interviewed thousands of club leaders and have transformed thousands of members and employees health. We understand the importance of wellness and the impact it can have on recruitment, retention and the member experience. We believe there are millions of untapped prospective members in the community that would make ideal members and we, along with our 13 Founders of the Wellness Project™, are developing a sustainable solution and earned media strategy to help the industry stay relevant for years to come.


Our earned media strategy generates millions of dollars of free press for individual clubs and the industry at-large, which in-turn generates interest and new members. We believe the club industry is at the hub of every community and as a good corporate citizen, has responsibilities within the community. When done properly, clubs attract like-minded members and staff to be part of the club-family, which in-turn creates a sustainable business model, job-security and longevity.

Rick Ladendorf

Founder of Prevo Health Solutions, Executive Producer of the America’s Healthiest Clubs™ and The Wellness Project™ and Publisher of the PASSION Digital Publication. Over 18 years experience in the private club industry. Personally visited over 200 private clubs and interviewed thousands of industry leaders and managers.

Marty Miller

Doctorate Health Sciences, founding member of the Club Spa & Fitness Association, speaker for the National Academy of Sports Medicine and wellness director at Mizner Country Club. Marty has been in the private club industry since 1999.

Tom Dunnam

15 years with the Metropolitan Golf Association, Founder of Total Health Immersions, co-founder of the Plantrition Project and certified health coach.

Betsy Opyt

Dietician, Nutritionist, health coach, certified diabetes educator, fitness instructor, speaker, consultant and founder of Betsy’s Best gourmet nut and seed buders. Betsy has been working with private clubs since 2010.