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To grow membership in today’s digital and fast-paced environment, requires an understanding traditional and social media and how it can help build the brand while simultaneously attract millennials and gen-x’ers to join the club.

Common Responses from General Managers

Our club is exclusive! Our members want privacy! We don’t use Social Media! We can’t advertise because of our 501C(7) status! We don’t have the resources!

While these actual comments from club managers are true, there are tactful and professional ways to ways to build the brand, protect the assets and grow the membership, and it’s called Earned Media. Click Here to see some examples of how exclusive private-clubs are using earned media to promote their brand and sell memberships.

Earned media (or free media) refers to publicity gained through promotional efforts other than paid media advertising, which refers to publicity gained through advertising or owned media, which refers to branding. Earned media is free and powerful, but you must have a story that is newsworthy, otherwise the local media outlets, bloggers and other influencers will not write about you. So the question is, what is newsworthy and how does a club get started?

Every club is unique, but all share one thing in common; they play an important role in the community, both as an employer and as a business member of the community.

Understanding your market is critical in attracting new members and quality staff, but so is understanding how some key trends, as reported by the National Restaurant Association, IHRSA, National Golf Association, PGA and SHRM, can affect member usage, retention and recruitment. We believe there are millions of “prospective members” that are looking for what the private club offers, the question is, how can earned media be used to appeal to their lifestyle?

the America’s Healthiest Club Network and receive a custom Earned Media Report and analysis to help you better understand what is being said about the club in traditional (Newspaper, TV, Radio) and social (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter) media.

Some examples of Newsworthy stories that create buzz include;

  • Club supports local farmers and hosts farmers market day at the club
  • Club hosts local 5k run.
  • Club staff volunteers at local food bank and chef prepares a nutritional meal for the homeless.
  • Club members donate time and money to local charity.
  • Club is nominated as one of the best places to work
  • Club Foundation awards scholarships to local kids

Need help defining an Earned Media strategy, writing a press release or contacting influential local, regional and national media writers? Call or email now for more information, we would love to help you get started.


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