Earned Media Examples

Clubs designated as a 501c(7) have certain restrictions on how they promote the club, whereas a for-profit private club does not. Both clubs should include traditional and social media in the membership and marketing strategy, and yet only a fraction of the clubs effectively leverage the power of earned, or shall I say, free media.


Take a look at how these fine clubs successfully generated hundreds of thousands free earned media dollars i.e. Advertising Value Equivalent.


Southern Hills CC Employees Volunteer at Soup Kitchen

Bonita Bay Club Recognized as One of America’s Healthiest Clubs

Wyndemere Country Club Invests in the Future and is Recognized by Industry Leaders for Excellence

Blue Zones Worksite Summit invites employers make healthy choice

From Rooftop to Fork: Downtown LA Club Grows Its Own Greens

Town & Country Club Upgrades to a 3-Star Certified Green Restaurant

Woodfield Country Club General Manager Eben Molloy Signs CEO Pledge; Paves Way for Employee Wellness