Best-Practices and Case-Studies

Since 2013, Prevo Health Solutions has recognized over 50 of the finest private clubs as America’s Healthiest Clubs, visited hundreds of clubs and interviewed thousands of department heads to compile an extensive list of effective best-practices and case-studies. Saving you and your team time and money and improving the member experience.

It is our pleasure to provide each department head with easy access to programs, workshops, challenges, lectures and activities that will improve recruitment, retention, usage and the member experience.

Click here to see an example of a Best-Practice that is used by many clubs nationwide and available from Prevo Health.

A special thanks to the Wellness Project Founders and their team of dedicated professionals for sharing their stories and insights. We are grateful for their support and commitment to improving the lives of members, the staff and the community in which they live.

Need help with getting member approval for a new fitness center, create healthy menus, define relevant programming, lecture series, activities or events that are unique to your members and staff?

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