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Prevo, the undisputed leading experts in health, wellness and sustainability in the private club industry is proud to announce our newest award program – America’s Greenest Clubs. Prevo recognizes and awards clubs that have implemented eco-friendly practices such as increasing conservation and recycling efforts, reducing energy and water consumption, implemented safe agronomic practices that are good for people, the planet and the business. Certified clubs are authorized to display the logo and service marks on internal and external communications for as long as their membership is in good-standing.With input from leading experts and feedback from private clubs, Prevo has developed proprietary algorithms and standards that qualify private clubs for their innovative and forward-thinking approach to environmental stewardship.  We then recognize the early adopters and innovators in the PASSION Publication as a way of sharing best-practices to help other private clubs be more sustainable, both financially and environmentally.



Prevo’s mission is to help club’s define their purpose, enhance the club’s image and co-author/promote private club’s newsworthy stories. We listen, collaborate and share best-practices throughout the industry. We are forward thinkers and innovators, and our goal is help clubs enhance the brand and build a culture that helps club build a reputation in the community of being known as The Club of Choice, a Great Employer and a Good Neighbor.



We believe private clubs that know and understand the importance of being eco-friendly impacts the three R’s of sustainability; Relevancy, Recruitment and Retention.

We believe sustainability of the private club industry will depend on the collective club industry’s ability to communicate the clubs’ environmental stewardship is relevant, to both current and prospective members.

We believe sharing news-worthy stories that speak to the club’s “goodwill” and eco-friendly initiatives is one of the best ways to recruit and retain members, and the “right” staff, to join and belong to a private club.



We believe the Private Club Industry is a unique industry that has the ability to significantly improve the lives of people living in the communities in which the club serves. We believe the club, though it’s actions, can influence it’s wealthy and influential members to incorporate wellness and green initiatives findings from the club, and apply them to their respective businesses they manage or own in the community.


Unfortunately, there are many people that think of the private club as resource hogs, polluters, wasteful and insensitive to the environment. When in fact, the private club industry is more mindful of the environment than the members we serve. The Club industry spends over $21 billion on products and services, most of which are from local suppliers. The club industry employs hundreds of thousands of workers offering generous wages and benefits. Club members donate hundreds of millions of dollars annually to local charities and foundations. Last but not least, most clubs are environmentally conscious and in most cases are more eco-friendly than their residential homeowners living in the community.


In summary, Prevo has developed a strategy that helps clubs define their purpose, align the stakeholders, execute the clubs approved strategic plan and most importantly, assist with evangelizing the goodwill within the media to attract and proven process that attracts and retains the “right” type of member and staff.


At the end of the day, we believe a Purpose-Driven Club is much more likely to be sustainable for decades to come, versus a club that is not mindful of the Brand, the Business, People, the Planet and the Community.


Should you have any questions, or you would like to get certified, please contact us at 888-321-1804 or via email info@americasgreenestclubs.com or info@prevohalth.com.


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